Dear Logan Stockholders:

The 2010 summer was a turning point for Logan Swim Club, and we hope that all of our
stockholders had a very enjoyable time. The board of trustees will hold the annual stockholder meeting on Sunday, November 6th at 5pm at the Liberty Township Administration Building to discuss in detail the state of our club and make plans for the future. This letter will review in brief some of the highlights of what will be discussed at the meeting, but we encourage all of our stockholders to attend.

Logan is now debt free. We were able to continue our cost savings in the 2011 season, work with
our creditors to reduce our debts, and use the increase in revenue from new memberships to
accomplish this goal. The board is extremely happy to report that we have money in the bank to
open the club in the spring, make some necessary repairs to the baby pool, and possibly add new
features to the club such as painting the tennis courts, fixing the tennis fence, or installing a
playground. It is now the board’s financial goal to make further improvements and repairs and save funds for unexpected events in the future.

We gained over one hundred new family memberships in 2011. We attribute this to the hard work
of our marketing team and our members telling their friends and family about our club. As you may know, Logan’s membership is limited to 325 stockholders. Once we reach that number of
stockholders, we will no longer be able to admit more members unless a current stockholder wants to sell their stock and resign. Please tell anyone you know who is thinking about joining that we have a limited amount of membership for the 2012 season, so they should join as early as possible.

We will have the new 2012 membership application posted on our web site in January.
The physical condition of the club was greatly improved this summer with the painting of the pool in the spring. We also spent many hours and funds on updating the inner working of the pool plumbing and chemical system. Although you may not see the work that goes into keeping the pool water clean, it is a constant effort on the part of the vice president of pool and grounds, Rocco Criazzo. We have also purchased fifty new chaise lounges for next year to try to comfortably accommodate our members.

The board is excited about the 2012 season and we hope that your family is also. We have made
some changes to the rules of the Club and we would like your input. We are planning to raise the
age for children to be at the Club unattended from 12 to 13. The law in Ohio prohibits a child from
being left alone unless they are 13, and we feel that same standard should apply for children at the Club. We are also going to institute a Behavior Contract which must be signed by parents and
children before a child can be alone at the Club. Any child who violates this contract will have their
ability to attend the Club alone suspended for an appropriate period of time or revoked. Although
we plan to hire a manager for the 2012 season, we cannot be responsible for children at the Club
who are bothering other members or breaking the rules.

We have also voted to prohibit members from bringing food and drinks into the club in order to support our concession stand. The Golden Dawn has invested a great amount of time and money to make our concession stand excellent, and we have to support them if we want to continue to have such great food options at the club. We are considering a cooler license program where a member could pay a flat fee if they absolutely feel that they need to be able to bring a cooler to the club. We will discuss both of these items at the board meeting or please feel free to e-mail with your thoughts.

Logan will only thrive under the current dues structure with the active participation of our
stockholders. In order to keep the dues low and the club nice, we have to keep our costs down by
doing much of the work ourselves and asking for donations. For example, the Lazor family donated all of the materials for the flowers around the pool, prepared the pots and watered them regularly. This is the type of participation that we need from every member. It can be something as simple as picking up trash all around the pool, scrubbing the deck, or fixing a running toilet. We plan to keep on the web and at the club a list of “To Do” items. If you aren’t sure how you can help, you can just see the list and accomplish a task. Some of the things on the list right now include cutting down and removing the tree that fell over in the parking lot, donating a ping pong table, and donating playground equipment in good condition. This is your club. If there is anything that you think would make it better or needs to be done please either do it or bring it to the attention of the board.

Finally, we need many more members to join committees so that you can get more involved in the
work of the board of trustees. We are looking for one person to fill a trustee position as assistant to the vice president of pool and grounds. This person would oversee all aspects of the physical
property that does not involve the pool. If everyone does something, than no one person or group will be over burdened. Click the attachment below to view committee opportunities.

We are so proud that Logan has so many great new members and a positive financial outlook.
Thank you for your continued support. Please come to the board meeting to learn more or get in
touch with one of the board members directly. We are committed to serving our members and our
community to try to have the best summer, fun club.


Kristen Fawcett Rock, president, Jane Bertolasio, vice president of administration, Rocco Criazzo,
vice president of pool and grounds, Carol Reapsummer, secretary, Michael Anness, treasurer, Eric
DelColle, marketing and communications, Yvette Wasko, membership, John Naples, concessions,
Stacey Durkin, social events, Jim Jones, swim team
Eric DelColle,
Oct 31, 2011, 4:38 AM